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We have a 3rd party monitor our site regularly for HTML errors and for the past 3 months in a row it  has highlighted image files missing from our Shopify site. The files are supposed to be on the CDN servers but have just disappeared. Fortunately, we have been able to resource the images, and the gurus have not been able to help and explain the issue.


I am the only administrator at our end, and I do not delete image files, in case we need them in the future.


Today we have received our latest report and we have a total of 9 images missing.


Anyone else been experiencing image files going AWOL without explanation from their shopify site?


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Hey John.


 can you provide the Image URL Links that are missing? might help give us a clue.  Are they missing from blogs, articles, page, products, collections, etc?\



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Just a note, we have an app that will allow you to locate missing images, also has a new feature that checks variants for images. It is called Image Audit, you can look into it if you want to see how it can work for you. 



Image Audit on Shopify App Store




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