Missing linded script in {{ content_for_header }}

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Hey there,


I'm always using Additional-Checkout-Buttons to show PayPal, GPay and ApplePay on product-pages and cart-page. It's pretty simple and can be added quickly --> see https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/liquid/objects#other-objects


I'm aware that the settings for customer-accounts can prevent these from being shown. Running Debut-Theme will show the buttons, thus I guess my shop-settings are not interfering with the checkout-buttons.


Searching back and forth I found out there is a script missing with my theme:


<script src="https://pay.google.com/gp/p/js/pay.js"></script>

This is generated out of the {{ content_for_header }} section in theme.liquid. While Debug-Theme is adding this single line, my custom-theme does not. However I have no idea why and as far as I know, I can't control what is included by this header-tag. 


When I add this line to my theme the Checkout-Buttons are shown. But this is not the proper way to do this. How come the script is not added? Any ideas?


I'm aware there are dynamic-checkout-buttons available which somehow do the same job, but I prefer to keep it as it is.

Btw. can someone explain what is the difference between dynamic- and additional-checkout-buttons?


Thanks and regards :)



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It turns out that the usage of GoogleMaps-JavascriptAPI interferes the checkout-buttons. I had to exclude the script-tag from cart-page to get the ACB's.


Strange, but solved.