Mobile drop-down is not working - where do I find the "code" that might cause the issue?

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Hi dead community, 

some programmer did some changes and since then the mobile drop down navigation is not working anymore. They tried to fix it but it doesn't really work. 

Do you have any idea on where I might find the code to solve the issue? In older versions it worked perfectly so I would love to just fix this little problem. 

Also more than willing to pay for the service as I am a little frustrated. 


Best, Christina 


P.S. Page is




You mean that these arrows are not working, right?


It seems that he accidentally deleted or modified the name of the element linking to it in the Javascript.


It's seemingly not something complex but unfortunately there is not a way to guide you through this, it requires some time to debug the code and understand what is happening. You'd need a developer for that.

If you'd like to I can take a look at it, if it's what I'm thinking and it's a simple fix I get it done free of charge, if it's something more complex I let you know and you decide how to proceed. In case you wanna do that feel free to reach out to me at , you can also take a look at my work here.

Alternatively, you may also install a fresh copy to be on the safe side and "hard reset" the whole theme. 

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,

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