Modifying a contact form (Capital theme)

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Good morning everyone!

I am looking to modify a copy of the contact form that came with the Capital theme.
I want to add a couple of new sections to it and am having trouble getting the section titles fonts to
match what the default font is on the contact form. I am also struggling with getting the fields on the
form to contain all the text that is in them. I would like for those fields that cannot fit the text properly to span
the width of the container. In addition to all that ( I know I am asking a lot ) I would love to be able to change the section titles for each field.
I hope I am explaining this properly. You can see my page here:
I believe once you see the form the questions I am asking will become obvious. I am inserting the code for the two sections I am struggling with.

<div class="form-field grid-item-60">
        {% assign name_attr = '' | t | handle %}
        <label for="ContactFormFlavor ">Select Replacement Part</label>
        <select id="ContactFormFlavor" name="contact[Flavor]">
        <option>BlueMax 42w/70w Brass replacement switch</option>
        <option>BlueMax 42w/70w Nickel replacement switch</option>
        <option>BlueMax 42w Floor/Desk Lamp Ballast</option>
        <option>BlueMax 42w Workstation Lamp Ballast</option>
        <option>BlueMax 70w Floor/Desk Lamp Ballast</option>
        <option>Varilum Floor Lamp 30w Driver</option>
        <option>Varilum Desk Lamp 30w Driver</option>
        <option>UltraLux 70w Executive torchiere top – Black</option>
        <option>UltraLux 70w Executive torchiere top – White</option>
        <option>UltraLux 70w Executive torchiere top – Gray</option>
        <option>UltraLux 45w torchiere top – Black</option>
        <option>UltraLux 45w torchiere top – Silver</option>
        <option>UltraLUx 45w torchiere top – White</option>
        <option>Your part not listed? Describe below.