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Hi All,


For the last few weeks, I am doing researches on Shopify Multi-Store set up and as you can imagine it's nearly impossible to find the perfect guides on how to achieve this. I've spent several hours with Shopify teams on that and still haven't got the final answer. We have to use multi-currency checkout with CUSTOM EXCHANGE RATES - at the moment you can have multi-currency checkout but there is no way to set up your own rates so the only way we can achieve this is by developing Multi-Store (The same way Gymshark website has been set up) so.. - for UK visitors (GBP) for European visitors (EURO) for US visitors (USD) for Rest of The World (EURO)


Does anyone in here has done this before and could share some feedback on it?

No offense, but I had enough of answers such as 'use apps, open few different stores..' those Shopify team answers is too generic and they just tell us what we already know. If there is an option on Shopify to create Multi-Stores on subdomain why they haven't released any guidelines or 'how to' for this case?! That would be so helpful I believe not only for myself. Multi-currency checkout with own rates and Product Centre are two crucial things that stopping Shopify to leave the competitors far behind.


I would be more than happy if you could share your thoughts/ideas/suggestions. 

The most complicated part seems to be SEO set-up to avoid any 'duplicates' etc issue.


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I feel your pain brother.

Trying as well to setup a multi language shop and it is quite the challenge.

No documentation or guidance whatsoever.


Dear support team hear us out here and provide us with a reasonable answer.

Should I just upgrade to Shopify Plus? Even when reading through its product description it isn't clear.


Thank you, Gaspar

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@Milosz_Pawlus - Totally understand your frustration and can tie a bow on this for you so you don't keep hitting your head against a wall w/ Shopify.  2 options as we would see it:


1. Migrate to Shopify Plus so you have access to the Checkout templates (not available on standard Shopify plans).  Potential to drop in some script to over-ride the default Shopify exchange rates while still using their Shopify Payment portal.  Would require quite a bit of development....


2. Create a custom checkout on an existing payment platform (ie. Stripe) that allows for rate controls based on ship-to destinations.  This would essentially bypass the Shopify Checkout and use your own solution (including exchange rate rules).  Would also require quite a bit of development...


Both of the above solutions would require an extensive knowledge of both Shopify API endpoints but could/should be doable.  That said, would highly recommend pulling in a Shopify Expert to assist.  Hope this brings some finality as to possible paths forward!


Oh yea, SEO would largely be unaffected by both solutions.


- Cascadia