Multipacks and enhanced listings in Google Merchant Center

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I have been working on my Google Structured Data, and all is looking good (kind of) in that my products are accepted to all surfaces in the Merchant Center. However they are not yet accepted for enhanced listings (ie shopping tab).

When I investigate the diagnostics in the Merchant Center I see the following message:

Limited performance due to missing identifiers [gtin, mpn, brand]

After further investigation it looks like even though I have added mpn and brand into my ld+json script on the product page, what might be happening is that my multipacks are using the same mpn value (the product ID) meaning the pack of 1 and the pack of 10 have an identical mpn. At least that is all I can surmise.

So - I did find some extra advice (thanks to google search) that suggests I need to declare the multipack - but the problem i have is that I cannot find any clear documentation around this where it states that it is mandatory when there is a multipack:

I have tried adding it to my product object but I get an error in the Google Structured Data tester saying that it is not a valid property for the Product object. So where does it go??

I also saw another avenue of investigation that states that you can assign values to the unit_pricing_measure and unit_pricing_base_measure, but again I get an error from the tester:

10 ct (The property unit_pricing_measure is not recognised by Google for an object of type Product.)
1 ct (The property unit_pricing_base_measure is not recognised by Google for an object of type Product.)


I'm just looking for pointers on whether to use "multipack", "unit_of_pricing_measure", "unit_pricing_base_measure" or a combination of all three, to show that my products are available as 1 or 10 items, and how/where to implement it in my ld+json script.

Hopefully then the warning in the Merchant Center will go.


Here is my ld+json script where I have incorrectly added the line "multipack": "10", under the Product type

"@context": "",
"@type": "Product",
"url": "/products/product_1",
"name": "Product name",
"mpn": "31845114937446",
"multipack": "10",
"productID": "4897953634806",
"sku": "4897953634806",
"image": [
"description": "Blah blah blah",
        "type": "Brand",
        "name": "Company name"        
"@type": "Offer",
"priceCurrency": "GBP",        
        "price": "36.99",
        "sku": "kite-217959491", 
        "url": "/products/productname/?variant=31845114937446",
        "availability": "",              
        "itemCondition" : "",        
            "@type": "Organization",
    "name": Company name"            




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Multipack is required if these are merchant defined bundles.

More info:

Multipack is a data feed requirement, not a structured data.

To list products in enhanced listings, you require to submit a data feed to Google Merchant Center.

If you like to learn more:

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