Multiple Shopify Accounts on One Facebook Account & Facebook Channel Integration Problems

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I have had lots of issues with the Facebook Channel over the last few months, but usually can get them sorted with a bit of tweaking. Currently have the issue of My commerce account not being eligible, which a lot of people seem to be suffering from.

However, I have noticed things really seem to be messy lately since I opened another Shopify store (different brand). I have set up another Business manager for this new Shopify store. However, everything is done from my one personal Facebook account, which seems to be the correct thing to do from what I have read.

I now keep getting logged out of the Facebook Channel on my new Shopify store for security reasons. I suspect the Facebook Channel can't handle the fact that 2 Facebook Channels are integrated with one personal Facebook Account. 

Has anyone else experienced this? 

Any insights on whether this is a know problem and what the official policy on this and of course solutions, would be greatly appreciated.

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I am experiencing similar issues and receiving this error. I have multiple stores connected to one facebook account and three of them work great but one of my european shopify stores provide this error. Have tried everything from completely disconnecting the business managers, fb pages etc... with shopify and connecting. Adding assets and adjustings products, nothing seems to work... Hope we can find a solution!

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