Multiple @domains do not receive E-mail confirmation - solution 25 Euro paypal

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Hello everyone,


A part of my customers is not receiveing e-mail confirmations. 


Its a couple specific domains that do not receive my confirmations. Always the same @domains send me a message through the contact section or facebook.


Gmail, hotmail and outlook receive the mails, the mails will end up in the spambox but they got at least something.


These people don't receive a mail at all, I do not get a failure reply or anything, just vanishes.


This was at the end of my spf1 record.


I just made a new spf record with 2 seperated spf records.


I have no idea what to do, I had to shut my ads because I couldn't work it around.


Anybody has a solution? Will send instant 25 Euro on paypal if somebody could help make it work.


Thanks in advance,