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I'm new to shopify, Html, CSS and Java script coding and was wondering if I could get some help with a specific aspect of my website?


The problem i'm having at the moment is with my store's order notes.

I have enabled the option to have order notes displayed on my store, and have added a piece of code for radio buttons for delivery date options below it. However, only the text input is displayed under the order details and on the customer email.


I would like to have the selected radio button option displayed with the customer note in the email and in the order details in the admin pages of the site.


My code currently looks like this:


{% if section.settings.cart_notes_enable %}
<div class="grid__item left--one-half cart-note">
<label for="CartSpecialInstructions" class="cart-note__label small--text-center"><strong>Please enter your referred code:</strong> <br></label>
<textarea name="note" id="CartSpecialInstructions" class="cart-note__input__left" placeholder="E.g. R.me00">{{ cart.note }}</textarea>
<label><strong>Please enter your preferred delivery date.</strong></label><br>
<input type="radio" id="CustomerFormdeliverydate31st" name="customer[note][Delivery Date]" value="31st" /> 31st &emsp;
<input type="radio" id="CustomerFormdeliverydate1st" name="customer[note][Delivery Date]" value="1st" /> 1st &emsp;
<input type="radio" id="CustomerFormdeliverydate2nd" name="customer[note][Delivery Date]" value="2nd" /> 2nd &emsp;
<input type="radio" id="CustomerFormdeliverydate3rd" name="customer[note][Delivery Date]" value="3rd" /> 3rd &emsp;
<input type="radio" id="CustomerFormdeliverydate4th" name="customer[note][Delivery Date]" value="4th" /> 4th &emsp;
<input type="radio" id="CustomerFormdeliverydate5th" name="customer[note][Delivery Date]" value="5th" /> 5th &emsp;

Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 10.37.02.png


I would really appreciate any advice or help to resolve this issue.






You can't add dynamic data into cart notes but you can use Cart Attribute to send some additional information, refer this article


I hope this help

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Hi Richard 


Thanks so much, the article really helped and the function is now working perfectly.


Just one other thing, i cant seem to find a way to add this information to the notification email I, as my shopify website's admin, receive when an order is placed. I've tried to look for people experiencing similar issues but am unable to find any relevant information on the topic. Is there an option somewhere in the website which i am overlooking or is there a piece of code which needs to be added to the "additional script" option in the notifications page?