Multiple photos for sale, all with a common price structure edited in one place

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Hello Shopify Community,

I want to sell individual photos on my website using a dedicated shopify button for each one. Each such photo would have many different variants, including size, media, framing, etc., and of course a particular price for each such variant. So there will be perhaps 20 variants for each photo, each with their own price. But all the photos will use the same pricing. So I want to build this price table in one place on shopify, and then reference that same price table in each of the custom shopify buttons. (Of course, I could just replicate the price table for each individual photo and its button, but that would create a maintenance nightmare. If I have 200 photos, and then need to change my pricing, I would have to update 200 products/variants individually.) Instead, if I ever have to modify my pricing, I want to do that in one place - the price table - and have that flow to all the photos.

Is there a way to build a single price table in shopify including all variants for a type of product, and then reference that price table for any chosen shopify product?

Thank you!