Multiple shopify questions (Upload a new font, PDP text layout and hide prices unless logged in)

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Hello everyone,


I am very new to Shopify and have no coding experience in HTML/Liquid or CSS, so now I stumbled upon multiple problems, I hope you guys can help me out.



I am using the Debut theme and I want to upload and use a new font. I already have a woff and a woff2 version of the font, so that should work.

I've seen threads about this, but in them a file stylesheet.css is mentioned, which I can't find in my code. Where can I upload the font and where do I have to implement it in the code? 
It would be really helpful to have a code snippet which I can paste in the location I need to.



I want to change the location of the text on my Product Detail Pages. Instead of having the text all on the right side, I want the Bullet Points to be on the right next to the images and the other text to be under the images and bullet points and have it in the middle/or left aligned.



Is there a way to hide all prices from the visitor of the website unless he is logged in? I've seen threads talking about this, but I only managed to hide the prices on the PDP. But I need to hide the prices everywhere, so also the home page or the recommended products.

A code and the places I need to paste it would also be super helpful.


Thanks in advance.