My Add to Cart Button Wont Work

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Can someone please help me? For some reason my add to cart button stopped working. When a customer clicks on a product page the Add to Cart wont show up and neither will the price. They have to click on a different variant option, and then the original variant shows up and it allows you to add to cart. 

I am unsure why this randomly started happening but I have lost so many sales already today while I am trying to figure it out. 

Can someone please help?

I am using the Konversion Theme by Tabarnapp. Ive already emailed their support team and have not heard back. 

thanks so much in advance for your help! 




Thank you for your question.

Please share:
- your store URL;
- page URL with the issue you mention;
- storefront password (if your store has one).

I'll help you to the best of my ability.

Kind regards,

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