My FB Pixel only works with Firefox, not Chrome or mobile - no Support could help yet. :/

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Hey guys,

I am chasing this issue for nearly 3 weeks now and it's starting to get frustrating.

I installed the FB Channel App and implemented the pixel and everything. Then when I started to run ads I realized, although I had visits and such, no events fired for my Retargeting.

With the Pixel helper I see that no events like visits, page views and such fire. When I test the pixel on the FB Manager side, nothing happens as well. I tried with deleted cache, via friends or support agents and mobile, but nothing works.

Then I realized, when I tested from the FB Events-Manager and test while on Firefox - it worked. I installed a Pixel helper add-on there and all events are there.

--> ? maximum confusion

So I asked Shopify support - they sent me to Facebook support - they sent me back to Shopify - they checked and managed to reproduce the issue, tried my shop with another theme (I use Parallax) and the Pixel fired on Chrome as well. So naturally they told me to check the theme developer. I did and these guys told me they aren't familiar with FB Pixel and should go and ask an expert.

This is beyond frustrating, as I get sent from Support to Support and now I don't accept that I should pay yet again (that theme was expensive and I got it because "its better to get the expensive themes closely linked to Shopify, as they are more robust and have a better support")...

Do you have any idea what I could do? Me only hope would be trying to implement the Pixel myself via Google Tag Manager or in the Shopify theme developer area. Would that make sense, since it already kinda works? I would be very happy for any directions you guys could point me to.

Cheers from Germany,


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I'm having exactly the same issue.....