My Shopify got down, and unavailable, someone please tell me how much time it took to reactivate

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My Shopify got down, And my site is also down I don't know what will happen.

I contacted their live chat and they have escalated the issue to the next team.

My Ticket number is 20216942

The real problem I have paid advertising in place and because of this, I am losing money every minute.

And My we have hundreds of orders pending which will be delayed because we couldn't fulfill them and customers will be very angry.

And this will also be very bad for Business reliability.

In short, as long as this goes this will destroy our business.

If anyone who has a past experience like this please tell me how much time it took for you guys to get your Shopify back please share your experiences.

if any Shopify expert is seeing this please tell me how much time this will take