My collection drop menu did not show any photos.

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Hi, I created a Product menu, underneath I mede a few drop menus for different collections of dress. I can see all the photos when I look into any-single collection; however, when I went to the home page, after open those collections from drop menu, it is empty inside. What should I do, I am use debut theme.

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Hi @bethandbrian!

The dropdown menu that is included with the Debut theme is text-only, meaning it is not designed to display images. If you want to display images in your dropdown menus, then you will want to consider the following options:

  • Hire a theme developer to add some custom code to the Debut theme. This is probably the most complicated and expensive option, since it would require a lot of customization. You can find some great resources for customization here:
  • Switch to another theme that supports the display of images in a dropdown menu. The free theme named "Venture" does allow you to display the first 4 products assigned to a collection (see demo here), otherwise you can find some paid themes with similar features on Shopify's theme store, found here:
  • Use a mega menu app like Meteor Mega Menus, found here:

Hopefully this helps!

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