My imported items from Etsy are all marked as Non-shippable. How d I do change this

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I imported all of my etsy shop items into my shopify. There was about 350 total.  About a 100 items had no variations. These items show the options for weight and shippable checkbox. I have marked them all shippable, added weight, etc. When purchased, the customer enters their shipping info, and pays the appropriate shipping fees.

The remaining items all had variations. By default, it appears that the shopify platform has marked them as Non-shippable.  So now, when a customer orders one of these, they are not asked for their shipping address, nor are they charged for shipping.  I cannot figure out how to mark them as shippable as that option does not appear anywhere on the listing page.

I'd like to be able to fix this as a bulk option if possible.