Mysterious All collection page

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When I look at my analytics, it shows people are viewing a collections/all page. Thing is, I did not make a page like that, nor did I make a collection that shows everything. AND I can't find that page when I start clicking through my website. I have no idea how to find it, I don't know how to get rid of it. Please help

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This is a default page created by Shopify that shows all of your products. You can find it by going to the link:

Since it's automatically generated, you won't find it in your website backend! However, in your theme there is a template that controls what this page looks like and functions like. It will be called collection.liquid, and will be in the Templates folder.

There's no way to truly delete it, but there are a few options to hide it. One is to add some code to change what is displayed on that page, or redirect to another page. Another option is to create a collection with the name and/or slug "all," and customize it just how you like.