Mysterious issue with connecting OVH domain

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Hello everyone!

I have helped a client set up a store and since friday I have tried to connect the domain (which is owned by OVH) to Shopify. All of the A and CNAME records have been set correctly, and I have waited for 72 hours, before trying to make changes again today. I have also requested help from developers who have checked the previously hosted website (which was on woocommerce), and I have run the domain through a third party DNS record checker, and it is showing the correct shopify records (while via shopify it is giving me an error). The records are definitely set up correctly and there are no conflicting AAAA or other sort of records.

I have wondered if it the old website hosted on wordpress which is clinging to it and causing the issue? It is also hosted on OVH.

Whats worse, is that OVH has the worst support (no technical help via phone, no email, and no reply to the chat or tickets created). Shopify support also insist that its OVH.

Has anyone run into a similar issue? The client have been trying to launch since last friday... If anyone has any ideas (including contacts of anyone from OVH) it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!