NOTE TO SHOPIFY: My Shopify website needs image links to meet ADA compliance



My son-in-law used Wave on chrome to view my Shopify website – it identified one error –

My collections don’t have text in the image links to meet ADA compliance. 


He explained a little about what that means to me... that people who depend on their iPad/iPhone/Computer “speaking” to them... well, my website collections links won’t work for them.


I used the “Simple” template to create my shop (after trying several)... can you please TWEAK your templates for ADA compliance? 


I’m almost ready to launch my art website...

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This is an accepted solution.

I'd think the Shopify themes are quite accessible as is. Shopify are committed to being fully WCAG compliant by 2021 if I remember correctly, but I wouldn't expect any immediate action for themes. One must realise that compliance in this case is the merchants' responsibility i.e. being WCAG compliant, or ADA of you're worried about litigation in the US, or GDPR if you're worried about litigation in EU etc.


Either way, the Simple theme as is out of the box has one error that can be easily fixed and only affect mobile view. The search icon link doesn't contain text. Add something like


<span class="hidden">Search</span>

and call it a day.


Best wishes!

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Thanks so much Karl. I will ask my son-in-law if this makes sense and if he can do it for me… (Assuming it’s important.)

Me? I am clueless. I had mini anxiety attacks simply trying to figure out this template to build the store.

You are wonderful ! 😊
Camille Engel Fine Art
Passionate oil paintings with rich lighting, color and detail.
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I am just getting started on this ADA checklist myself and believe me I know almost nothing but perhaps I can help on this one.  I think he is talking about adding Alt-text to your images.  This is actually quite easy to do.   Add your item that you want to sell. After uploading a photo, click on that photo and a box will open on the right and you will see Alt-txt.  You just type in there what is depicted in the photo.  Try to keep it under 100 characters and don't start with things like "photo shows" or "is in the picture".  


You have to do this with every image on your website.  If you have photos in your blog or on the front page of your website or even your favicon, it has to have alt-text.


I could be wrong but I think that is what he means.