Narrative Theme help: section.blocks.settings.xxxx in liquid file

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Hey guys! 

I'm new to web development and newer to Shopify!

I wanted to take on a job for a client that wants to sell here.

So here i am trying out on a trial plan. 

The client has selected a theme but there are some tweaks that i need to implement, changing the layout a bit mostly. 

I am currently editing the code of an existing liquid file from the Narrative theme, but i can't seem to get it to work, and i'm not sure what i'm missing. 

Here's the repo to the liquid file and settings_data.json because i think these 2 files are all you need. 
I've only edited these 2 files. 
Store: (pwd: eatabug).

Any help is much appreciated! 


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Hi, @angie-compass ,

This is Evita from On The Map.


What are you trying to edit?



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Hi Evita, thanks for the reply!


I am trying to access the value of section.blocks.settings.show_image, section.blocks.settings.slide_image, and more. 

I'm trying to get the values then create a 2-blocked layout that are next to each other on desktop, but stacks normally in mobile.

(the current ux on mobile didn't suit my client's need.)

So, basically its just the settings of the block that i need.


The whole div is just empty, i dont know why! (you can search for a class i put in .look-here)

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I think i've found out why! section.blocks is an array! Haha it worked now! thanks again!