Need Help ASAP Please - Debut Theme

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There is a website overseas that is illegally linking to my website. I have been getting tons of chats and phone calls from their customers saying "I want a refund" or "where is my order". I'm trying to figure out the best plan of action and need advice.

Here what they are doing on the bottom of the page click "send" button ( you don't need to fill out any info ) and it directs you to my website .

I have been trying to do a redirect back to their website if the user comes from creativegiftss but have not been successful.

Can anyone help me figure out this issue or suggest another solution.

I know someone is going to say contact them but its kind of hard when they don't have any contact info except for mine.

I have submitted a report and talked to shopify but nothing has been resolved.




This is an accepted solution.


This is more of a legal issue than a technical one.

Unfortunately besides contacting Shopify there's not much that we, as developers and fellow merchants, can help you with.

A potential solution would be identifying via Javascript whether the captcha is being activated through an external website, but that is treating the issue superficially instead of actually fixing the root cause of the problem. 

Additionally you are using recaptcha, so bots are definitely being filtered.

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