Need Help Building a Product Page with Color Swatch Options and Quantity Options

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Hi All!
I am a new Shopify developer with Wordpress experience. I am currently using the Debut theme with the PageFly Page Builder App. I need help/direction on how to build a product page that is similar to the examples provided below:
What I am trying to do:
1. Please refer to the Neuro link
  1. I have a product that has two flavors. I want to use color swatches that switches between the two flavors
  2. Furthermore, I want to use a different product gallery for each flavor profile. Example: Pineapple flavor will have four of its own images and Mixed Berry flavor has a different set of gallery. I want to use a slider with dot paginations and arrows.
2. Please refer to MoreLabs (Neuro also does this)
  1. I am selling my products in quantities of 6 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack, and 36 pack. The grand total is updated based on the quantity option. The ADD TO CART button should update the quantity amount depending on the option.
These are all new functionality that I have not built before so I would love to ask for help in the right direction. Thank you!