Need Shopify Data Elements that contain the "Package" size selected to process an order's shipping

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Can you help us?  We need to know in which date elements Shopify stores "Package" size selected for an order.  That is the "package" sized selected to determine the shipping cost in the Shopify Order /admin/shipping_labels/purchase.


Note: Shopify does print selected "package" dimensions the Shopify UPS Label format.  For example, a 13"x13"x8" select package size will appear near the top of the UPS label format as "DWT: 13,13,8"


For business purposes, we need this so we can add pass the box size (the order should go in) to our warehouse with the order's packing slip and/or Shopify Order Printer app particularly for non-UPS labels.   (Note: the integration of the "package" size into the packing slip isn't an issue.)  The issue is we can't locate the "package" size in the shopify data elements...for example on nor in the shopify faqs.


Can you help us find the shopify data elements that contain "package" size used to calculate an order label and appear on Shopify UPS labels (per above)?


Thanks in advance for your help!




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+1 for needing this info.  I'd love my packing slips to show the package size that I selected when purchasing the shipping label.  Takes the guesswork out of it for my shipping guy.