Need help getting a product to upload using graphql

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Hello, I am creating an app that takes in information from the user and creates a product from that information. I am using react and graphql. I got it working with just the product title, vendor and type, but it doesn't work when I try to add a price or any other variant information. Any suggestions as to why this might not be working is much appreciated. 


const New_Product = gql`
          mutation {
            productCreate(input: {
              title: "${PartManufacturer} ${PartMake} ${ModelName}", 
              descriptionHtml: "",
              productType: "${PartType}", 
              vendor: "${this.state.Vendor}",

              variants: [{
                price: "${this.state.Price}",
                compareAtPrice: "${this.state.CompareAtPrice}",
                sku: "${this.state.SKU}",
                barcode: "${this.state.Barcode}",
                weight: "${this.state.Weight}"
              userErrors {

          return (
            <Mutation mutation={New_Product}>
              {(createProduct, { data }) => (
                    <button type="submit" onClick={createProduct}>Create Product</button>