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Is their a way to put a bunch of products in a package or group on the your website so you can just buy that individual package with one click and have all those products sent to the customer. I’ve already looked at product bundling apps but they are not what I’m looking for. Those are if you bundle items together then you get a discount but I’m looking for a app that has items already in one package that you just add to cart with a click.

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Hi, @jokesapart!


My name is Helen and I work for Shopify. Thanks for reaching out today and welcome to the Community.


You ask a very good question, and although there isn’t currently anything native to the platform to set up “packaged” or “grouped” products, there are two ways that we can accomplish this:


1. The first option is to create your group of items as a single product from within your Shopify admin. You will use the description box to tell your customers what items are included in the “package” and include images showing the contents. When the customer adds the item to their cart, the “package” will be ordered as one product which you will then need to manually assemble the contents of to ship to your customer. However, I would like to mention that creating a package as a singular product can pose some complications with inventory, as each individual item in the package will not be tracked within your inventory. The inventory will be tracked for the entire “package” as a whole instead. Therefore, this option is beneficial if:


  • You are packaging and shipping your own products.
  • The contents of your packages are predetermined and the inventory is kept for the “package” as a whole, not the individual items that it is comprised of.
  • Inventory is being tracked outside of Shopify.


2. The second option is to use an app. You did mention that you have looked at some bundle apps already, however, there is one in particular that I recommend for your purposes. It’s called Bundle Builder, and it allows you to create a fixed bundle with a fixed price, instead of a bundle that your customers customize themselves, as you have experienced with other bundle apps. Each item within the bundle will be set up as an individual product within your Shopify admin, and then assembled as a “package” within the app. When your customer adds the item to their cart, the “package“ will be added as a whole in one click. This option is beneficial if:


  • You need to keep track of the inventory for each item in the “package”.
  • The individual components of the “package” are being dropshipped, or fulfilled by a third party.


Please note, Bundle Builder is created by an external developer, so if you do have any specific questions about the app, please reach out to the developers directly. You can find more information about contacting third party app developers for assistance here.


If you have any further questions please feel free to reply back, and I would be happy to continue to help.

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You have any design or reference, which type of bundle product you require?

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