Need help with tracking tag set up

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Hi, I have a BASIC Shopify plan and am trying to set up conversions and basic remarketing (nothing fancy) for use with Google Ads and Google Analytics, but I'm having difficulty resolving some errors and warnings:


What's already done (I think):

  1. I have already linked my Merchant Center, Ads and Analytics accounts. 
  2. I've added the global site tag, remarketing tag (new) and various Google conversions tags (e.g. View Item, Search, Purchase, View Page, Begin Checkout, Add to Cart, Add Payment info) to theme.liquid.
  3. I've set up Dynamic Attributes for Retail (ecomm_prodid, ecomm_pagetype, ecomm_totalvalue) in GA.
  4. I've set up Custom Dimensions in GA for the above parameters plus ecomm_category, and I added the following to theme.liquid to set these parameters (just above </body>) but I'm not sure if it's right:

<script type="text/javascript">
var ecomm_prodid = 'shopify_US_{{}}_{{}}';
ga('set','ecomm_prodid', 'shopify_US_{{}}_{{}}');
var ecomm_totalvalue = '{{product.price_min|money_without_currency}}';
ga('set','ecomm_totalvalue', '{{product.price_min|money_without_currency}}');
var ecomm_pagetype = '{{template}}';
ga('set','ecomm_pagetype', '{{template}}');
var ecomm_category = 'retail';
ga('set','ecomm_category', 'retail');


The problem is I'm still getting the following error with my Google Ads tag audience source:

Fix your audience source that's not sending a required parameter

Your campaigns can't tailor dynamic ads based on user activity when your audience source doesn't send the required parameter. Make sure the required parameter is being sent correctly.

Your audience source may not have the required parameter for your business type on all relevant pages or events. Check that you're passing the required parameter for your business type anytime users interact with products or services you want to advertise. Note that Google Analytics refers to parameters for remarketing as Dynamic Attributes. Learn more

Issue: 91% of audience source activity missing ecomm_prodid in the last day


Also, when viewing my site with the Google Tag Assistant, the Remarketing tag is red and indicates "Some products are not valid".  Also, I don't find any of the google conversions I added active on my checkout pages (they're active on regular pages though).  Finally, I'm seeing a 2nd Google Analytics tag with an account ID I don't recognize but I don't know where to find the source.


I'd appreciate confirmation of what is and isn't possible with my Shopify Basic plan (i.e. using the remarketing tag by placing it in theme.liquid, Checkout>Order Processing>Additional Scripts, or Preferences>Google Analytics scripts>Additional Google Analytics JavaScript.  Then I'd really love some advice on what tags and code/script needs to be placed where exactly for conversion and remarketing to work (including during checkout).


Thank you!