Need to add Location to Order Notification Email

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A client is using the TomIT Inventory and Locations app to show where stock is available in our three locations, and to designate the Location they want to use for the order pickup.

My client is requesting that we add the appropriate "Location" to the online order notification email that goes to the store's employees. They now have to click the "Order details" link in the email to go to the Shopify dashboard to see which location the order is for.

Unfortunately, Shopify's documentation and other discussion threads make clear that {order.locations} is available for POS sales, and it is available for Draft Orders, but it is for some unknown reason not included for the email template for "regular" online Orders. Even worse, Shopify's techs haven't replied to any of the many threads requesting the variable be made available.

The only "workaround" I have discovered so far is sending a copy of the email to a specific address that you can designate while setting up a recipient. That is not an ideal permanent solution, however, and they still want the Location added to all recipient's emails.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or methods to add the "Location" to that initial order notification?

I am truly baffled at why this basic info isn't made available in the order already...