Need to use amazon cloudfront image urls while creating product using api

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I am using api to create product,

I am using amazon cloud front url for product-image

ex.image urls -


but product is getting created without image. can anybody help me to solve this issue...

These images have content type image/jpeg

how can I make use of these images as product image while creating product from api


source code:

const shopifyAPI = require('shopify-node-api');
const config = {
shop: '',
shopify_api_key: '-------',
shopify_shared_secret: '-----',
shopify_scope: 'write_products',
redirect_uri: 'http://localhost:3000/-----',
nonce: ''

config.access_token = '--------';

var Shopify = new shopifyAPI(config);

var post_data = {
"product": {
"title": "Geometry texture",
"body_html": "Nice colorful texture, can be used for fabric cloths, bags.",
"images": [
"src": ""
"variants": [
"price": "25.00"
}'/admin/products.json', post_data, function (err, data, headers) {


response is coming with product id, etc. but with images[] and image: null