Nested Shopify menus going more than 3 levels deep

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Hi everyone

I was wondering if there was a way to go more than 3 levels deep in a nested menu. I understand why it only goes up to 3 levels since it could become a nightmare to manage but I need to do it for 1 particular collection.

For example, right now I can only go from "Trading Card game > Pokemon > Expansions.

I need 1 more layer to add in the Expansion names so its "Trading Card game > Pokemon > Expansions > Expansion names

I am using the warehouse theme.

I have seen other shopify stores manage it, but I'm unsure if it was changes to the shopify code or if their particular theme came with more layers.

Many thanks!


It is definitely possible but requires a fair amount of custom coding, you'd need to hire a Shopify developer. 

As an additional note, from the UX perspective, I would not recommend it.

Kind regards,

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