New product media will not upload images...

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I kept getting this error in a red box when trying to upload a jpeg image for a new product. "There was an issue processing the uploaded media. Try again later." There is no issue with my internet and I have tried restarting/logging out, etc...

So then I went to settings and files and was able to upload and copy the link.  Went back to the new product (pita) and copied that in.  Worked and showed up.  Through all this I was trying to chat with support who is largely useless.  So I tried logging out, closing, and coming back and then NO images would load.  I just got a turning circle.  We verified again this was not an internet issue.  It seems to be a server issue on their part. 

The only solution was to try uploading a PNG or PDF of these images (there's a lot and that's absurdly time consuming).  Yet in searching the community I see numerous posts and that this is a known issue since back in 2019 (confirmed by the support agent but claimed to be fixed).

I am basically at a loss now b/c I spent over an hour with support chat and they seemed to just be guessing and had no idea what to do (which is similar to previous experiences)... Anyone have any ideas?  Or what shops do you like other than shopify and etsy?  Is the solution just to switch?  I'd hate to lose all the time and money invested.