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Hey everyone. I'm new to this community. I've had a shopify account for about 6 months now. A friend of mine built my webpage for me and added my products to my store. For some reason though, when I want to add a new product it doesn't show up in my store .  For some reason, I have to search the product to find it. This makes no sense to me and I'm getting overwhelmed with this crap.   What am I doing wrong?   Thanks for any help you can give me. 

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of course, the product could be in the wrong status (draft?) or other rules may prevent it from being displayed, but if that product shows up through the search, it's most likely "there". Where do you want the product listed? Depending on your theme and blocks you're using there, you may have some sort of slider, teaser, etc. section, where you need to alter the configuration, so that specific product shows up there too. Also, you may want it to be part of a collection – in that case, you need to configure the collection, so it includes that product. Collections and even single products can also be added to your navigation menu – making it straightforward to discover that specific product.


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