Newsletter sign up form does not add emails to Customers list

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I have installed a custom theme and am having an issue with the newsletter sign up form. My page is and the password to view site is SKEWNO

On the password/coming soon page, it works fine and the email is added to the Customer page on the back end of Shopify. However the sign up form in the footer and in the pop up brings me to a error page and no email is added to my Customer list. The theme is made to use mailchimp however, I don't wish to use this. How do I go about removing the mailchimp code so it just adds subscribers via shopify? The theme developer isn't being very helpful. Below is the code from the newsletter form liquid:


{% comment %}

MailChimp is the go-to newsletter service for Shopify.
Use the link below to find your MailChimp "form action"
and insert it in your site settings.

MailChimp newsletter integration and requirement:

{% endcomment %}
<form action="{{ settings.mailing_list_form_action }}" method="post" name="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" class="input-group {% if settings.display_ajax_mailchimp %} clv-ajax-from {% endif %}">
  <div class="input-group newsletter_form_content">
    <input type="email" value="" placeholder="{{ 'footer.footer_newsletter_content' | t }}" name="EMAIL" class="input-group-field" aria-label="Email Address">
      <div class="message-newsneter"></div>
    <span class="input-group-btn">
      <input type="submit" class="btn harman_btn4" value="{{ 'footer.footer_newsletter_go' | t }}" name="subscribe">