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I am trying to add a custom text field to one of my products I have been following the steps above. I don't see the product-template.liquid under the sections directory.

Theme used is Express

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Under Templates, do you have product.liquid?

At the top of product.liquid do you have something like:

{% comment %}
The contents of the product.liquid template can be found in /sections/product-template.liquid
{% endcomment %}

{% section 'product-template' %}
{% section 'product-recommendations' %}

If you have product-template here, you should have a section product-template.liquid.  If you have something else then maybe it tells you here.  Or maybe what is normally in product-template is just in product.liquid in some themes, I don't know.

Also, if you go to an individual product page in the Shopify admin area, at the very bottom right of the page there should be a Theme templates area looking something like:

Theme templates
Template suffix
[ product ]   <-- this bit is a selection list that shows which product template you are using if you have >1 available
The template customers see when viewing this product in your store.
But it may be that you only get this if you have more than one product template available.