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Need some help.  I have the Debut Theme and I can't get my header menu and the search bar on mobile devices to work.  The header menu works fine on computers but when I'm on a mobile device and i click the menu on top  it doesn't do anything.  The search icon doesn't work on either the computer or mobile devices.  I haven't made any changes to the theme.js.  I've seen several other discussions on this issue but can't find a solution to get my site to work properly.  Any help I really be appreciated.  My website is

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Hi @lsmokey084 ,

I see the issue. Can you please tell me did you or anyone else made any changes to code? Because this bug is not in the original debut theme files. Or maybe you deleted some files from the assets folder like the jquery file?

You can also PM me if you want me to look into the code and fix it. Thanks


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