Not found error with old links

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Hi everyone,

Maybe someone could help me to figure it out what's going on.

I opened a new store in Shopify and transferred some of the information from the old website that was in WordPress to new pages in the Store. By the way, I'm using the same domain I was using for the WordPress site.

Now I have the following error all the time I click on old links that are on other sites, including Google search results.

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I've tried to use the URL redirection tool and doesn't work.

I don't even get a 404 or 301 error page to create rule and redirect it to any link I want to redirect them.

Has anyone faced this problem in the past?

This is affecting my SEO really bad and I would like to have some help.


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Redirection (in admin at online store > navigation > View url redirects) should do the trick so maybe you missed something. In the redirect from field input the part of the url after and without the last forward slash, for the given example that would be /services/retail-digital-signage-installation

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I have checked all the redirects, everything is correct and the other redirects work fine. However, what it's very strange is that the only redirects that doesn't work are those that start with /services/ (see the image below)

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 22.05.09.png

The problem is that it doesn't even give a 404 error, instead is a Shopify error 500. I know this because when I inspect the page I can see it.

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 22.08.41.png

Also, if I change the /services/ part for something else then I get the 404 error as it is supposed to be.

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 22.12.50.png

I am really lost in this.

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So /services/* is some kind of special URL path that is reserved in Shopify. You can "add" redirects in the admin area, but they won't work.

With redirects added in this is normal: 

  • /services/ - HTTP301 (works as expected)
  • /services/apple - HTTP404 with 500 template (unexpected)
  • /services/orange - HTTP404 with 500 template (unexpected)

They mention this on the redirect help page:

You can't redirect URLs that begin with the following prefixes: /apps, /application, /cart, /carts, /orders, /shop, or /services.

You could theoretically bypass this with a somewhat advanced setup like a CDN/proxy in front of the whole site. CloudFlare workers could do the trick. Unknown what /services URL path gets used for, so not sure what this might break.

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