Not sure what is happening - Sales down to 1/10

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So we are having amazing sales since the day we started our website on Shopify. We mainly use Facebook + Instagram ads to gain audiences.

Everything was working fine till a friend of mine suggested I should expand and try google ads.

So I installed google convert tag on the website.

After that immediately the sales tanked to the first 50%, then 10% in a matter of 4 days.


So I removed the tag from the theme.liquid and the box to where you put the execution thing code in the Shopify setting.

Still, it did not work so I went to an older version of theme.liquid where there we no google codes present.


In all this time we were getting clicks on our ads but there no action on our site, like hardly any add to cart or abandoned order let alone sales.

It almost feels like the Facebook lookalike audience has gone for a toss. Also, one time when I saw the Facebook ad to figure out what was going on i caught the pixel even PURCHASE red. Meaning it was not getting the signal. When I contacted the FB team they asked me to go to another browser and then come back and it was green again.

NOt sure what happened there.

It has been 10 days and the sales are getting worse and almost to zero now.


Another thing I notice is the mobile version is getting a score of 20 in the google page test.

Our bounce rate has jumped from 60 to 80 percent in google analytics.


The only solution seems like is to go to an even older theme.liquid date (July 11th ).

 I want to know if going back messes up with your Facebook Pixel?


Thank you if you have read the whole thing.