Numbers for Shopify, FB Pixel and Custom audiences are off - please help

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Hi to all,

I hope I could get some help in this matter - maybe someone can tell from experience.

As said above, my numbers in FB Custom Audiences, Shopify and FB Pixel are off.

I found out by wondering why my custom audience is so small. It should be around 1.900, so definitely not below 1000. Here are the numbers:

  • Custom Audience
    Website visitors from my Pixel for last 7 days:                            Below 1000
  • Facebook Pixel (in FB Business Manager, Data Sources)
    PageView last 7 days:                                                                  6.5k Events
  • Shopify for last 7 days
    Analytics -> Reports -> Sessions over time -> for last 7 days:   1.919 Visitors

The Pixel was installed over Shopify shop integration and should work fine. Test events show its firing adequately, the Facebook Pixel helper looks fine too and shows the following:

Pixel ID: 146485499397283 click to copy


Microdata Automatically Detected


I have no idea where to start. Any ideas, any help?
Facebook doesnt support on this afaik - anywhere els eto turn to?


Any help would be appreciated!

Best Regards