Oberlo email code template not working

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I hope I am posting in the right place. Otherwise, please let me know where to post this.

I am using Oberlo for my dropshipping store and I was watching this video tutorial from Shopify about automated email notifications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZsC9LjDOzo .

It is suggested to erase the already existing code of the Shipping confirmation email and replace it by this one. But when I preview it, it's just blank. So I sent a test mail to myself and sure enough, it just sent me an empty email. There only is a subject line in which you can see the product order number but that's it.


Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 12.03.05 PM.png


I need it to work so my customers can get updated automatically about their order and the tracking reference and it is suggested in the video to use  http://www.17track.net/en/track?nums= .

Any help is appreciated!


Thank you