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Hi All, 


I want to capture the birth date and email of my visitors to offer a free gift during checkout when it's their birthday month. 


How do I do this? It's easy to capture the birthdate with a pop up subscribe form, but what do I need to do for it to automatically trigger that free gift during checkout when they eventually shop during their birthday month?


Thanks for the help!


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Hey Soulan!


As far as I know there isn't a way to automatically have Shopify add a free gift during their birthday month.  That would probably require a custom app or some detailed coding setup.  However, one way to do it could be:

  • Capture their birthday via email or signup form, as you said
  • Store that somewhere - in their Shopify Profile, or, even better, inside of Klaviyo if you happen to be using that as your email marketing
  • Once it's in your email marketing software (such as Klaviyo), you could set up an email to automatically trigger on their birthday (or birth month), with a discount code
  • Create that discount code in Shopify.

The result could be an auto-email that goes out, say, on the 1st of their birthday month, with something like "Hey [NAME]! Your birthday is coming up. To celebrate, use discount code happybirthday to get 20% off your order"or similar. Where happybirthday is a code you created in Shopify, either for a % value or dollar value off. If there's a specific product you want to offer them as a birthday gift (let's say a Mug worth $20), then you could create the discount code for $20 inside of Shopify applicable only to that Mug, then adjust the wording in the email accordingly.


A bit more info (just to clarify I have zero affiliation with Klaviyo, I just love their stuff!):

I'd estimate this would take 1-2 hours in total to set up.  Hope it helps!

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