Old social media page linked to the social media icons in the footer

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For my page (nutrisell.myshopify.com), the social media links in my footer have URL's for my old pages embedded, and I cannot change them. (*I have the social sharing section in the footer deleted right now) 

I have changed the Facebook and Instagram accounts and pages linked to my Shopify, so I am not sure why this is still happening. I even deleted all of the social media apps from my Shopify once and reconnected them, but my old pages are still linked to the icons.

How can these be changed to my new pages?



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This is an accepted solution.

Start by looking in the Customize Theme area, Theme Settings, Footer section, etc. The Url's might be in there.

If not, look in your theme code to find the footer area and links. It's probably in either theme.liquid or a footer.liquid section / snippet. If you start with theme.liquid, you can read the code to see where the different template pieces are included.

Make sure if you're editing code, backup your live theme first then work on the duplicate theme (here's a quick guide on that if you're not familiar: https://speedboostr.com/how-to-safely-edit-your-shopify-theme)


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