Old store name's meta description appears in preview links

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The problem:

My issue is that when I share links with people, my old store name is showing up in the meta description.


I tried looking at this forum, but it doesn't appear to solve the issue. This is not about SEO or how it appears in Google


More info:

In Shopify I understand that you can't really change the Store name. You can change the value of the liquid variable, but the store name you choose is permanent and cannot be changed.


Looking at my Boundless theme, this is the code that exists


<meta name="description" content="{{ page_description | escape }}" />

My desired outcome is that when I send links to friends on Whatsapp/Instagram/etc that my current meta description shows up







When you send links on Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram/etc, the link preview is determined by social meta tags like og:title, og:image, etc. You can change your open graph tags to update it.

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