Older Version of Minimal Theme - Social Sharing Image problem

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My Shopify store is built on an older version of the Minimal Theme.  I have two questions.  Here's my website: www.questionnaires.com 
1.  The Social Sharing Image displays incorrectly.  When I share my website on Facebook, the logo is blown up and cropped. It’s displaying the website logo, which is long and narrow, and cropping it square.  I want it to display another version of the logo, in a square format.  
A Shopify guru sent me this work-around for older versions of a few other Shopify Themes.  https://help.outofthesandbox.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006910147-Specify-what-image-text-is-shown-whe...
Does anyone know how to fix this problem? 
2.  I’m still running the older version of Minimal because I had a lot of product customization done.  There are 4 Tabs, and custom templates that display questionaries.  If I upgrade, all the customizations would have to be rebuilt.  A Shopify guru told me that if I continue to use the old theme, one day, my shop will stop working.  True?