One t-shirt design on two different shirt styles.

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Hello, I am trying to make a product that shows one t-shirt design, then when you click the design to view the product you have an option to choose Men's or Women's. I can't seem to figure out how to do this with Shopify and Printful without making separate links and separate products. Below is a link that shows an example of what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks

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Hey, it's Daniella from Printful here. 

I'm afraid, when using our services, this won't be possible. You can only use and push products from our catalog to your online store, meaning also the sizes that the product comes in. So it wouldn't really be possible to push a product in different sizes (both men's and women's) and have them under one listing. 

However, I'd suggest trying your luck and reaching out to our Customer Support by chat (if it's on) or—we'll have a look and maybe will be able to advise on a possible workaround in the whole process from our side. 

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