Order Edit Information From API

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I am running into a very similar issue to the one described in this comment here (https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/shopify-order-editing#comment-4911610355). The TLDR is that order editing is preventing us from displaying accurate numbers (as dictated by the standard Shopify Sales Over Time report)  for historical data from the shopify API (both REST and GraphQL). What we're finding are issues like the following example:


Apr 15 -- Order is created for $100

Apr 17 -- Order is edited (item is exchanged) and a charge of $10 + refund of -$10 are created


In the API, since the order was edited, this information is rolled into the order information from April 15, with no ability to trace what happened to the order on the 17th, other than the fact that the 'edited' property on the order is marked to true. Even though the amounts of the charg/refund on the 17th net out, we need to know that it happened on April 17 (which is how it is displayed in the 'Sales Over Time' default report in Shopify's UI.

In this example, is there something in the API that can give us information about this edit that happened on April 17? Our goal is to be able to match the information in this Shopify Sales Over Time report. We are able to see the 'edited' field in the GraphQL orders API, which is great, but unfortunately it doesn't give any information about when the order was edited, and for how much

Note that I think the webhook for orders/updated would give us the line item information we need, but this doesn't help me with historical Order edits.