Order.line_item level refund/financial status --- attributes not working!

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I'm unable the get the details of the line item's financial status. In some cases, customers partially cancel an order and I'd like to show them the remaining net total and showcase which items have been cancelled by them.


I'm running Debut theme and have tried using line_items.financial_status and even fulfillment_status but I get no info. Even the net total amount for an other returns 0!


These attributes seem to not have any value in them. However, the admin console is showing the right information. I need to show this details to customers on My orders/account page (the actual net amount), details in the Order Details page (for each specific order ID) and then in the invoice (I use Order Printer for this).


I've been searching for answers on this for a week now and Shopify chat support is also clueless. 


This is a super straightforward use case so I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.

Any inputs would be very helpful