Orders CSV Export- Repeating lines

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I want to export my order data as an excel file but when i do, it doesnt automatically repeat information for each order.

For example, in the below in order 3, i would want the payment type to also appear on the blue jeans line

order numberpayment typeitempriceshipping method
1PaypalRed Coat$50Free
2Credit CardWhite Shoes$50Standard
3Credit CardWhite Shoes$50Standard
3 Blue Jeans$30 
4PaypalRed Coat$50Free




Hi there,

I'm not aware of an option to do this with Shopify's standard order export.

However, if you're open to using an app, our app EZ Exporter will already do this by default (i.e. for each line item row, also repeat the information at the order level such as the payment gateway and shipping details).

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