Organizing Shopify Facebook Store Help

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Hi everyone! 

I apologize if I'm posting this question in the wrong place... I am having a heck of a time trying to organize my Facebook store through the Shopify platform.  I tried creating "Sets", but there is no way to organize my products into their correct categories and sub-categories. For instance: Metal detectors: Whites Detectors, Garrett Detectors, Minelab Detectors. Metal Detector accessories, Metal detector coils: Whites coils & accessories, Garrett Coils and Accessories, Minelab Coils and Accessories. Etc etc. 

Currently you go to my NWdetectors Facebook shop ( Or the backend ( and its just a massive jumble of random products thrown into one place... 

I'm not sure if the products just didn't get properly transmitted into the facebook shop from Shopify or? I will include some screenshots too. 

You can imagine it looks terrible and it's impossible to sell through Facebook when everything is just disorganized and jumbled into one pot...

Thank you in advance! 

Keph Sherin,