PLEASE HELP!! Cart Attributes Not Showing Up (Where is the Additional Details Box in Orders?)

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Looking for some assistance with an cart attribute issue we are experiencing. Due to the nature of our business, we have set up some cart attributes to collect additional information we need from our customers to make to create order (such as date of delivery, event address, etc). We currently use debut theme and we don't have Shopify plus.


The custom cart fields we created were generated here: and we followed the instructions and added the generated code to our cart-template.liquid code to show up on our checkout page. The custom text and fields show up perfectly on our checkout page. However, our issue is that the text that is entered into these custom data collection fields on our cart page aren't showing up in the individual order detail (the "Additional Detail" box on the right side under the "Notes" box where the charge information populates).


When the customer inputs the information, it is just is not showing up anywhere.  Could you please assist us with how we can have this information populated within the customer order details (preferably the "additional details" box in the the order).


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!

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A link to the shop would help but the most common issue I see is that people don’t quite add the code into the right place. It must be within the cart <form> Not just in the page somewhere.


If you can’t share the link for whatever reason you might need to share a little bit of code of where you added it - including some of the surrounding code.

The second common issue I’d see is forgetting that a theme might have an AJAX cart, so a user might never actually see the cart page.

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Dear  Jamieqegifts , 


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