PLEASE HELP! Facebook is over tracking "add to cart" conversions!! Its showing 4x more than Shopify

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My store has only been live for a week and I'm hoping I could get help as I'm a newbie and I want to start off on the right foot!  

I started my Facebook ads a few days ago and starting conversion tracking on "add to cart".  After checking reporting for today, Facebook shows 12 "add to carts" while shopify reporting shows 3 "add to carts".   Does anyone know why it would be such a discrepancy?  If it's truly 3, then I am paying 4 times the amount I should be on the ads.  

Below is the website.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!  I want to make sure my money is not being wasted ( double charged   )

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This is probably not a Shopify issue but could be related to how your template was built.

Sounds like you either have your pixel installed twice somewhere or could have created a custom "add to cart" tracking event for a different click action like clicking "view cart" for example.

I would start by installing the Facebook Pixel Helper on Chrome, go through a normal add to cart process, and see what gets fired when you click around.

Next I would go into the pixel on FB and see if anyone has setup an "add to cart" event that isn't linked to the actual add to cart button. should be a small list of events so pretty simple to find and remove.

Also, if you're worried about a 3 or 4 clicks you don't want to have a bunch of us devs filling up your re-targeting cookie pool checking all of this because you will be spending even more sending ads to us

Last note, I dont believe FB would charge you for the Add to Cart. This action is mostly used to track your conversions and segment out audience, i.e. create a audience that targets people who "add to cart" or "purchase" ect. I can't remember off the top of my head if there is an option to only pay per conversion but if that is the case change the conversion from "add to cart" to "purchase" when you create your next ad.

This is a ton of information to take in but i hope it leads you in the right direction