Pacific Theme - Blog Images not filling the width

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I've been speaking to Pixel Union about this, but it's taking quite a while to figure out such a small thing so I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone has run into this issue!

I'm using the Pacific Theme and within the theme previews the images fill the Blog Page to sit neatly within the width of the text, like so...

Preview of Pacific Theme Blog PagePreview of Pacific Theme Blog Page


However on my desktop site, even when using a 1080px image, it doesn't fill that space. It does, however, on mobile and tablet. Here's what it looks like on Desktop below...

Desktop – Blog photos not filling the space on Blog PageDesktop – Blog photos not filling the space on Blog Page


Has anyone had a similar issue or have any idea of how to fix this? It seems like it should be simple, as it's how the theme is supposed to work?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks!